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Expedition Apocalypse

Without warning, a mysterious explosion devastated thousands of square miles of homes, trees and wildlife near central Siberia. No trace of its cause has been discovered. Known as the Tunguska Event, the explosion was so bright that it lit up night skies across Europe for several days. Was it caused by a deadly asteroid, comet, or even violent gases from the volcanic depths below?

Written and directed by Rick Beyer for Veriscope Pictures
Premiered April 8th 2010 on National Geographic Channel's Naked Science series

Expedition Apocalypse from Veriscope Pictures on Vimeo.

Producer Rick Beyer and Director of Photography Scott Simper spent ten days in the Tunguska wilderness following two teams of researchers.  

rbeyer 88

How we got in and out.  

rbeyer 88

Getting around in Tunguska.  Our feet were always wet.

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Which is why our socks needed to dry out every night

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rbeyer 88

Kulik slept here.  

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