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The Greatest War Stories Never Told

The Greatest War Stories Never Told
Search the annals of military history and you will discover no end of quirky characters and surprising true stories:  the topless dancer who saved the Byzantine Empire.  The World War I battle that was halted so a soccer game could be played.  The scient who invented a pigeon-guided missile in 1943.  And don't forget the elderly pig whose death triggered an international crisis between the United States ad Great Britain.

This is the kind of history you'll find in The Greatest War Stories Never Told. One hundred fascinating stories drawn from two thousand years of military history, accompanied by a wealth of photographs, maps, drawings and documents that help bring each story to life.  Little known tales told with a one-two punch of history ahd humor that will make you shake your head in disbelief--but they're all true.


€ One military unit served on both sides during the Civil War?

€ The War of Jenkins' Ear was actually fought over a sea captain's ear?

€ Daniel Boone was once tried for treason?

€ A siege in Poland in 1519 gave birth to the marriage of bread and butter?

Discover how war can be a catalyst for change; an engine for innovation; and an arena for valor deceit, intrigue, ambition, revenge, audacity, folly, and even silliness.  


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