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The Greatest Science Stories Never Told  

The Greatest Science Stories Never Told nbsp
Everybody knows that Thomas Edison invented the light bulb and Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone.  

Except…they didn't!  

And that's just the beginning of the surprising discoveries that await on the pages that follow.  From the archives of The History Channel ® comes a collection of science and invention stories that truly astonish, bewilder and stupefy.  Like the teenager who invented television in a potato field, the monk who beat the Wright Brothers into the air by 900 years, and the scientist who won a Nobel Prize because he put off cleaning his lab.

The Greatest Science Stories Never Told is filled with fascinating figures both famous and forgotten, and Eureka! moments that changed our world forever. Learn about the scientist who gave 300 monks the shock of their lives. Uncover startling stories of origin behind everything from Teflon and Velcro to the bra and the bobby pin. Find out how a phony death ray led to the invention of radar, how the modern computer was born in a roadside bar, and why a trolley ride changed not only Albert Einstein's life but the course of human history.


€ The first car was built nearly a century before Henry Ford was born?

€ The inventor of the lie detector also created Wonder Woman?

€ A movie star invented the turn signal?  

€ The French Revolution led to the invention of the tin can and wireless messaging?

Adventure, mystery, a duel to the death, and a ship made of ice.  Who knew the pursuit of science could be so amazing?

Here's Rick telling a story from the book:


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