Saturday, December 15, 2012

3 PM

Lexington, MA

The Burning of the tea  

Munroe Tavern

1332 Mass Ave Lexington, MA 02421

The Burning of the tea nbsp

CITIZENS OF LEXINGTON, your presence is requested at Munroe Tavern on Saturday, December 15 to show your Opposition to the DETESTABLE MEASURES taken by Parliament regarding the importation and taxation of Tea, and to consign ALL your TEA to the flames of a bonfire!

The Lexington Historical Society invites you to attend the first-ever re-enactment of a little known but critical event in town history: The Burning of the Tea. This free event, open to the public, takes place on Saturday, December 15, at 3:00 p.m. at Munroe Tavern, 1332 Massachusetts Avenue in Lexington.  (Rick and Marilyn Beyer are organizing and taking part in this event.)

Three days before the Boston Tea Party, citizens of Lexington burned all their tea in a common bonfire. Lexington’s minister Jonas Clarke issued an incendiary declaration of support for the people of Boston, warning that anyone in Lexington who consumed tea would be treated “as an enemy of this town and this country.” Clarke’s fiery words resonate through history, a foreshadowing of events to come: “Should the State of Our Affairs require it, We shall be ready to Sacrifice our Estates, and every thing dear in Life, Yea & Life itself, in support of the common Cause.”

Rev. Peter Meek will give voice to Rev. Jonas Clarke’s powerful 1773 public resolution. Citizens are welcome to join re-enactors from the Lexington Minutemen in stoking the bonfire  (built by Lexington Boy Scouts) with tea (supplied by Peet’s Coffee and Tea) to protest Parliament’s “wicked” policies. The William Diamond Fife and Drum Corps will supply a stirring live soundtrack. A musket salute from the Lexington Minutemen will provide the finale, and all will then be invited inside Munroe Tavern for coffee and hot chocolate—but absolutely no tea!

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