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As I was working on The Greatest Music Stories Never Told I thought about how great it would be if readers had a chance to hear songs and watch the performers they were reading about. That's how this page was born.  In essence, it is a multi-media internet companion to the book.

I searched through Youtube and various other websites to find links to songs and videos connected to most of the stories in the book. I cannot begin to tell you how fun that turned out be, and I hope it will prove to be just as rewarding for you! I found some really wonderful (and sometimes very rare) clips that I hope will truly enhance your reading experience.

The links are in chronological order, just find the title of the story you are interested in, and  click on it.  If you have any feedback on this page, or suggestions for different links, please post something here.

Now if you just happen to have come across this page, and wonder what kind of book could possibly bring together musical stories spanning nearly 3500 years, well, you better click below  buy a copy to find out!

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         -Rick Beyer

The Mother of All Golden Oldies     1400 BC

The D’Arezzo Code    1020

The Beat Goes On    1687

But for a Button     1704

Give the Devil His Due    1713

On Stage at the Coffeehouse     1732

Shear Madness     1734

Salvation Serenade     1738

Yankee Doodle     1754

Magical  Mystery Tour     1761

Playing it By Ear     1770

National Treasure     1770

The Queen and the Ditty     1781

Those Were The Days     1788

I Will Survive     1797

The Star Spangled Banner     1814

An American Army of Two     1814

Measure For Measure     1824

Something About Mary     1830

Twist and Shout     1842

Hail to the Wives     1844

 Strauss vs. Strauss     1844

Whatever Lola wants     1851

Daring Young Man     1859

Not Whistling Dixie 1859
• A 1904 Recording

One Hit Wonder     1860

The Other John Brown      1861

Watching the Clock     1876

The Patroness     1876

The Song Ship     1879

Wanna Make a Record?     1890
•Note that this century-old recording contains lyrics rightly offensive to modern ears.

The First Music Video     1892

Chartbuster     1894

The First Man of Jazz?     1907

Katie's Lament     1908

Anybody Out There?     1910

Riot of Spring     1913

Dance Fever     1913

You Say You Want a Revolution      1915

Musical Merry Go Round     1917

Sold For a Song     1920

I Read the News Today, Oh Boy!    1924

I Beg Your Pardon     1924

The Drums of War     1925

Look Ma, No Hands!     1927

Bristol Bang     1927

The Song that Saved Wheaties     1929

One Night Stand     1930

An American Tune     1931

A Class Act     1836

Re-writing Rollo 1939

Cutting Room Floor 1939

A soldier's song  1941

Gadzooks!     1942

Angry Angus     1949
The Kingston Trio Version

This IS Your Father's Oldsmobile     1941

Legacy of Lincoln    1957

Just Blown' His Horn     1957

If I Needed Someone     1957

What's that Fuzz?     1960

The Anniversary Waltz     1960

Listen to the Music     1964

Dream On    1965
Still my favorite song of all time.  

Thanks, Coach      1967

Adventure Capital     1969

A Bronx Tale     1971

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes     1971

Last Call    1972

The Long and Winding Road     1972

The Truth Will Set You Free     1973

New York State of Mind     1976

The Lullabye of Broadway     1980
They just don't make 'em like Jerry Orbach any more.

What Can Brown Do for You?  1982

The Singing Revolution    1988

The Amazing Bone     1995

Lost and Found     1997

Come Tumblin' Down     2005

Rocking the Cosmos     2007

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